GeoGebra Classic 6 App Reviews

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No longer a desktop app

All of the standard file/edit/tools menus are no longer in the title bar. You have to click through a weird iPad style interface to get to them. In fact, the standard keyboard shortcuts to open/save/etc don’t even work. People still do work on computers for the functionality this allows. It doesn’t make sense to have all of the advantages that a computer provides taken away. ESPECIALLY to make the macOS interface “touch friendly” when THERE ARE NO MACS WITH TOUCHSCREENS.

Missing some features from GeoGebra 5

I like to use GeoGebra mainly to sketch out diagrams and LP problems, then export to PGF/Tikz and tweak it there for use in homework and papers. I’ve been using 5 and this feature works great (although I wish there were an option to change the default arrow, but this is minor). I just tried this in 6 for the first time. First off instead of selecting “export” and then changing the x and y limits to suit what you want displayed, you just download a txt file with the code and no option to change the limits. This is a little annoying but I usually tweak that in TexStudio later anyway. But the main problem is that the code is in one solid block with none of the formatting that was produced in GeoGebra 5, making it tough to see where I need to make edits. I’ll go back to using 5 until this is fixed.

Useful app

Great app! If only it didn’t look so blurry on retina displays

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